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Not only can we provide leather to suit your project needs, we also offer services using our own full grain leather. 

With decades of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers high quality leather parts and finished goods. 

Whether you’re looking cut down on production time with cut parts or looking to outsource all of the production of your leather goods, you can count on us to provide great leather and excellent service, every step of the way. 

Nuestros Servicios

Descubra más de nuestros servicios, no solo podemos proveerle con cuero adecuado para su
proyecto si no también servicios que puedan asistirle utilizando nuestro propio cuero. Nuestras
décadas de experiencia nos respaldan con conocimiento para trabajar meticulosa y eficientemente
para darle a nuestros clientes servicios y productos de la más alta calidad.

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Not only can we provide leather to suit your project needs, we also offer cut parts. When selecting the cut parts for your project, you have access to a wide range of leather options, custom dies, and a team of skilled leather crafters. The parts are cut intentionally with your specifications, yield, and quality in mind.


Our chrome and alum leather laces are perfect for shoes, sports equipment, crafts, and more. These laces are available in a variety colors in custom widths, thicknesses, and lengths.

Learn more here.

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Our skilled craftsmen can take over a portion of the production process or take care of the entire process.

Whether you aren’t quite ready to invest in expensive tools and machinery or you would like to save time with production, our skilled leather craftsmen can help. We have a longstanding history of working with clients who continue to use our services due to our superior leather work, use of our own high-quality leather, and competitive pricing. For us it's not just a service, it’s a craft.

Products include: belts, leashes, collars, bible covers, notebook covers, and more. 


Looking for promotional items or corporate gifts that will stand out? We offer full grain leather products in a variety of colors and styles. These can be personalized with logos (either embossed or laser etched). 

Items include: Notebook covers, business card holders, front pocket wallets, coasters, and more. 


Contact us by filling out the form below to see if our services are right for your business.

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Contact us to learn more about our leather or for distributor information.  

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